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Today's Pollution Index reading is 1 but what does that mean?
What can you do?


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What can you do? > The basics

We can all help to reduce air pollution, below are some simple hints especially when air pollution levels are high.

At home  
Use water-based or low-solvent products - paints, glues, varnishes, wood preservatives, etc.  
Maintain your car. Keep the engine properly tuned and the tyres at the right pressure  
In the garden DON'T light a bonfire when air pollution levels are high  
Never burn household waste, especially plastics and rubber  

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Out and about
Avoid using your car for short journeys - (1.5 miles) or less
If possible, don't use your car at all during periods of high pollution
Start your engine only once you are ready to move off
Don't rev the engine unnecessarily
Keep to the speed limit
Use public transport whenever you can

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