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Today's Pollution Index reading is 1 but what does that mean?


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What are we doing? 

The Greater Manchester authorities work together in execution of their Local Air Quality Management duties. This is particularly the case for detailed air quality modelling work and collecting data for the local emissions inventory (EMIGMA).

The group of authorities also work together in the production of the regional Air Quality Action Plan. The first plan was produced in 2004 detailing collective and local measures being taken. In 2006 the plan was incorporated into the Local Transport Plan due to the recognised local importance of emissions from road traffic. Authorities continue to work together to develop various elements of the Action Plan including the Cleaner Vehicles Campaign, Dirty Diesel Campaign, development control issues, open fires, emissions from taxis, low emissions strategies and monitoring.

The group is also working with partners, both within the individual local authorities e.g. planners and engineers and external organisations such as the Highways Agency, the Environment Agency, GMPTE and Manchester Airport. Over recent years the group has also worked closely with Greater Manchester Transportation Unit who now currently manage, maintain and report on the EMIGMA emissions inventory and undertake air quality modelling work for the region.

We are currently developing guidelines on air quality at construction and demolition sites.









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