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Today's Pollution Index reading is 1 but what does that mean?
Pollution Index : 1
Today's  Pollution Index is 1 (Low) For an explanation of how this might affect you, please CLICK HERE

Data is collected daily from a network of 16 monitoring sites across the Greater Manchester Region. For more data please visit our GreatAir? page.


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Welcome to GreatAir Manchester the air quality website for the Greater Manchester region. Part of the Public Protection Partnership, including the following authorities: Bolton MBC, Bury MBC, Manchester CC, Oldham MBC, Rochdale MBC, Salford CC, Stockport MBC, Tameside MBC, Trafford MBC, Wigan Council, Warrington BC.

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Emissions, road transport and planning.

Cleaner Vehicles
Reducing heavily polluting vehicles across Greater Manchester
Greater Manchester Region not meeting UK Laws
A leading UK charity has successfully won a case at the Supreme Court against the UK government for not meeting the EU pollution limits in major cities like Manchester, London, Birmingham and other locations. READ MORE >
The Great Smog - 60 years Ago
Sixty years ago on the 5 December 1952, smog descended on the main cities in the UK. London was most affected with up to 4000 deaths from chest and lung related illnesses. The smog caused... READ MORE >
Final Warning for Air Pollution
The European Commission has sent the UK a final written warning over failures to meet European limits for dangerous airborne particles in London. READ MORE >
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